The toolbar is now located at the top of the page.It has alerts, search, thumbnail, settings and logout links. The rest of the toolbar items can be added to your main menu. You can move them from the JomSocial toolbar menu to the main menu or simply use the “Hello Me” module to link to the different pages, as you can see on the following image.

Socialize is the only Joomla template developed by the team who knows JomSocial best: the JomSocial team! The idea was to create a special template that would differ from the normal JomSocial design. We wanted to add a top toolbar and remove the regular toolbar, giving your site a more prominent social aspect. Your members will have easy access to alerts, their profile and their settings.

Socialize is a unique responsive Joomla template that will transform your JomSocial site into a polished and professional-looking social network.It is the first template developed by the JomSocial team and it comes packed with amazing features that will make your social site look great and keep your members coming back.

Socialize gives you two header options:

1. A full size header with a large logo, plus the social toolbar on top, it looks like this:

2. A social toolbar only, without the full header, it looks like this:


If you want to hide the main header with a large logo, and leave a colored toolbar on top with a smaller logo, do the following:

  • Login to the backend
  • Extensions -> Templates
  • Click Socialize
  • Select “Layout” tab
  • Choose “Social” layout
  • Save

Now the default header area will be invisible, but the logo will also be invisble.

To add a logo to the toolbar:

  • Extensions -> Modules
  • Select "Community Toolbar for Socialize Template"
  • upload/select a logo image and a small image for mobile view
  • Save


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