Select your theme

Socialize lets you choose between five beautiful themes:

  • Blue (default) - Keep it cool and professional.
  • Red - Red hot and fun. Stand out!
  • Green - Calm and beautiful.
  • Orange - Spicy and exciting.
  • Dark - Show your dark side. Works great with the dark theme of JomSocial.
  • Gray - New
  • Brown - New
  • Purple - New
  • Pink - New
  • Light Blue - New
  • Light Green - New

As of 2 ver. You can edit default theme in Theme-Magic and create your own style - 70+ options just waiting!

Upload your logo

You can upload your own logo image or use text instead. Either way, your template will look great. In Socialize 2 you can also edit logo for mobile view and add logo icon to community toolbar.

demo logo


Choose the module position for each zone, select the number of pieces to divide in each area, and so much more!

demo positions


Choose the menu style and special effects.

demo navigation

Code Injection

Enter any code you need before or after <head></head><body></body> tags including the Google analytics code.

demo code

Mega Menu

Add columns, modules and more with Mega Menu! Make your site looking really professional in a couple of minutes!

demo megamenu

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