• Fixed: Email Valadation check failed during registration when community toolbar is enabled
  • Fixed: Toolbar formatting incorect when viewing on mobile devices
  • Fixed: Hello Me module notification and Karrma styling centred
  • Fixed: Menu on iphone was not responding to expaned setting
  • Fixed: Dropdown menu not expanding on ipad
  • Fixed: modules disabled in T3 responsive settings still show on devive
  • Update: T3 plugin updated from 2.0.0 to 2.0.2

  • Update T3-Plugin for compatibility with Joomla 3.2.2
  • Fix Use template override instead of the javascript to hide the toolbar
  • Add company logo at toolbar left
  • Fix popups to work outside jomsocial for community toolbar module

  • Fix languageswitcher module positon
  • Fix show/hide module at dropdown mega menu on ios
  • Added rtl support for community toolbar
  • Added module class suffix
  • Added forgot username and password
  • Improved avatar as circled
  • Change Toolbar icon class

  • Add frontpage.guest back into the template override folder
  • Fix Issue in styling of Captcha box
  • Fix Main menu JS conflict with jomsocial
  • Fix Drop down Joomla menu and Mega menu
  • Add Awesome fonts latest version 4.0.3
  • Fix Icons missing from frontend view

  • Added real time notification to toolbar 
  • Added update server (template will check for latest release)
  • Added 404 - Error page
  • Added toolbar background color option
  • Added template Hook
  • Added bootstrap tooltip for community toolbar module
  • Added alternative layout for community toolbar module
  • Fix Login button text is not translatable at Community toolbar module
  • Fix dark theme styling
  • Fix Small logo is not showing for small devices (according to template settings)
  • Fix User avatar too big when sending PM to friends
  • Fix T3 Logo at footer need to show as template settings
  • Fix k2 pagination
  • Fix Facebook registration button mis-alignment 
  • Fix k2 modal class
  • Fix Module is able to assign at the position "top" but not showing template manager Layout
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